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[... The schoolteacher said, "Tomorrow, we’ll go and visit The Chocolate Land. " Pinklili didn’t know that the chocolate land existed. ...] A nice story to dream and learn.
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A funny and instructif calendar for children and adults with a hint of child's spirit.
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Pinklili is fed up with her brother
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Pinklili and The Chocolate Land
Summer Adventures with Kate and Jr
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to plant a garden? Or how to make your own toys? Or how to catch a fish with a pole? Kate and JR wonder too! These siblings share many adventures with their family to show that learning new things can be fun—even if you have to be patient for the end result. A collection of stories to be shared by children, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, this book may give you some ideas of what you’d like to do the next time you see your favorite family members! Explore the world along with Kate and JR as they find fun things to do with their family!
By Edith Hawkins
[ Pinklili has a brother, and she thinks he is a complete numskull ! (...) Pinklili thinks she will be better on her own...] A fun little story to learn how to put up with your brother.
Squiggly just wants to fit in, but it's hard when he looks so different from the other squirrels at school. And the class bully, Archie, doesn't make it any easier. But, with the help of his good friends and some great adults, Squiggly learns that being different doesn't have to be hard—it can be fun! Squiggly realizes just how special he is, how great making new friends can be, and that he doesn't have to look like anyone else, he just has to look like Squiggly!
Squiggly gets glasses
By Dawn Clar k